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WRF with CFSR Data – Part Two

See Part One for hints on how to fetch CSFR data in an automated way. You only need two of the WRF presets, since SST is included in surface files:

  • pressure level data (pgbh06 files)
  • surface and fluxes (flxf06 files)

I rename the files and strip off the trailing date which refers to how they are archived e.g.

201001011800.pgbh06.gdas.20100101-20100105.grb2  ------>  201001011800.pgbh06.gdas.pressure.grb2
201001020000.flxf06.gdas.20100101-20100105.grb2  ------>  201001020000.flxf06.gdas.sst.grb2

Then you need to run ungrib.exe twice:

  1. in namelist.wps, set prefix=PLEVS and link Vtable.CFSR_press_pgbh06 --> Vtable
  2. in namelist.wps, set prefix=SFLUX and link Vtable.CFSR_sfc_flxf06 --> Vtable

That should create two sets of intermediate files prefixed PRESS and SFLUX. Next run metgrid with the

fg_name = 'PLEVS',  'SFLUX',

Et voila! It should work.