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WRF Registry Edits

A quick post for reference on the syntax of registry state entries in WRF, to facilitate turning off output variables in WRF to keep file-size down.

Registry state entry

type   sym   dims  use     Tlev  Stag   IO       DName   Description  Units   
real   u_gc  igj   dyn_em   1      XZ   i1       "UU"   "x-wind..."  "m s-1"
real   u     ikjb  dyn_em   2      X    i0rhusdf "U"    "x-wind..."  "m s-1"

IO string:

  • i : initial [0-9], 0 is principal stream, 1-9 auxilliary
  • h : history [0-9]
  • b : boundary
  • r : restart
  • usdf : nesting up, down, smooth, force