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WRF in Google Earth

Traditionally weather maps aimed to present an enormous array of data as a simple output: a sun, a sun behind a cloud, or some rain.  Or possibly a cloud getting blown along by a face.  That’s great, as what most people want to know is: will it rain or not?

But this hides is the beauty and complexity behind the weather, we are immersed in a big mass of swirling fluid, rising, falling, heating, cooling.  Enormous amounts of energy are transported around the world, air masses collide, jet streams arc and split. In the midst of this, occasionally everything stills, and there is hardly a breeze.  It’s one big never-ending dance, and it looks beautiful.

That’s why I’m trying to put forecast data into Google Earth, because you get a real feel for the fact the UK’s weather doesn’t end at the edge of the map.

Using NCL and some code from rpavlick, this is my first attempt to put a forecast into Google Earth. At the moment it is just a picture, but hopefully I’ll get a Google Earth gadget working soon.